Beta Squad:[Robin; Red X]

"Beta Squad." He said, turning to the duo; this pair would be the most difficult around him, he knew. Already, this Robin shared no want to be round him, talk to him, or co-ordinate with him. It did phase the Dark Knight in the sense that it was obvious that the Batman in the other universe had done wrong to this Robin.

Or it was just this Robin rebelling as another teenager would.

"Your mission is a retrieve op.’ He said, waving the other screen away to bring in a new one, this one showing an image of single steel briefcase. ‘This was recently stolen form the Metropolis Star Labs Facility. It is imperative that they get it back, as it has been noted to show signs of influencing human longevity. In the wrong hands, this will cause absolute chaos in the near future. We have traced it down to Chicago, at this location. I will program in these co-ordinates into the Zeta. Find out who stole the briefcase, and bring them into custody. Is that understood?" He said, eyeing the pair.

After a moment of eye contact with them both, he turned away from them.

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The Dark Knight |02|
"I don't Enjoy Fear- But I've Learned To Respect It."

Mission Co-ordinator of a covert-ops team, under the tutelage of the Justice League.
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